Who are we?

Powerhouse NYC connects young moms to the resources they need to achieve career success and financial empowerment.

Through our supportive services, Powerhouse NYC:
  • Basic Needs. Provides basic need items to establish short term stability.
  • Mom Dates. Coordinates “Mom dates” that expose moms to the opportunities available through higher education and career focus.
  • Mentoring. Connects young moms with mentors and workshops to support o another in educational and career development.
  • Sponsorship. Sponsors classes, internships and other educational initiative help select young moms achieve their career goals.
  • Employment. Offers jobs, resources and leadership opportunities to moms interested in Project Playdate, getting a job, and/or starting their own business
  • Housing. Provides affordable housing and support to moms enrolled in avocational training program, higher education program, or starting a new job.


About Us