Host1Powerhouse NYC has a mission to help moms achieve financial security and professional success. If you'd like to book a Mom Date, simply let us know the dates and interests that align with your group. We'll take care of the rest - including all expenses and logistics!

Social workers or group representatives can apply for a Mom Date here.

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There are many ways to get involved and sponsor this cause. Contact us directly if you’d like to become a Sponsor!

Lead A Mom Date:

Mom Dates encourage the academic achievement and professional development for select young moms. These Mom Dates, whether in the form of a field trip to a local college or an onsite workshop, will enhance professional ambition and foster concrete career goals, leadership skills  and community engagement. Examples include interview training and resume building or a “A Day in the Life” trip to the workplace! We welcome any ideas as long as your Mom Date focuses on the promotion of academic achievement, strong interpersonal skills, financial independence and community connectedness.  Email us directly if you’d like to lead a Mom Date!

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Become a Mom Mentor: Click here to learn more about mentoring our moms.