Ways to Give

Whereas Project Playdate seeks to make the vast majority of its revenues via sustainable business practices, donations can still play an extremely effective and important role in the start-up phases of Project Playdate and Powerhouse NYC. Project Playdate offers three routes for donations to the organization: Direct donations to Powerhouse NYC, monetary donations to Project Playdate, and in kind donations including lightly used family items or dedicating time to mentorship and leadership. These are detailed further below.

Direct Donations to Powerhouse NYC

100% of donations given to Powerhouse NYC serve the social impact plan and implementation, without any loss of administrative expenses. In the immediate, donations will contribute to the sponsorships, workshops, field trips, and mentorships that cultivate a strong path towards economic security for participating young moms. Any donations to Powerhouse NYC do not finance projects for growth with Project Playdate but contribute only to the social impact with accordance to Powerhouse NYC’s mission.

Donations to Project Playdate

Unlike donations directly to Powerhouse NYC, donations to Project Playdate help finance the growth and sustainability plan for Project Playdate, including much needed marketing and outreach opportunities, as well as additional labor expenses. These donations never stop giving, as they are invested into the business, allowing Project Playdate to secure a long-term, sustainable social impact with Powerhouse.

Donation Your Time. Donate Your Things.

All Project Playdate events double as a drop off site for lightly used or new items that are invaluable to families struggling financially. These donation drives involve donors dropping off materials, including diapers, clothing, or any other essential materials, at Project Playdate’s numerous events. Project Playdate then takes these resources and brings them to our affiliate organizations to try to achieve an immediate social impact. Project Playdate further leverages its network by recruiting moms and students that can offer a skill or resource in the form of a workshop or mentorship. These donors of expertise use their time promote the academic interests, parenting skills, economic goals and interpersonal connectedness of young moms served.
If you’d like to get more involved, please contact Amanda at amanda@projectplaydate.org or call 516-807-0447.
All donations and support are appreciated!