Mom Date1Through a series of educational and cultural urban adventures, participating young moms learn about the professional opportunities available to them through higher education and career development. Our participants are recruited from partner residential programs throughout New York.

These Mom Dates, whether in the form of a field trip to a local college or a vocational workshop these dates enhance professional ambitions, foster positive relationships, female leadership and community engagement.

Each excursion has a lesson plan that encourages curiosity and new ways of learning outside the classroom walls. They are supervised by mentors who are moms, college students and/or young professionals with inspiration to offer or expertise in their industry interests.

Mom Date2

Mom Dates occur once a month and are fully sponsored by a month of Project Playdate events. In addition, the Project Playdate network provides access to individuals, including successful moms, who can offer professional mentorship and resources. Each Mom Date has a specific career focus and at their end, participants receive the resources needed to follow through with the opportunity presented.

In the long term, participants can draw from these educational experiences to determine their career paths and bring dynamic perspectives to their future experiences. In the immediate, these Mom Dates enhance professional ambitions; foster positive relationships, female leadership and community engagement. Each and every Mom Date focuses on the promotion of academic achievement, strong interpersonal skills, financial independence and community connectedness.