Powerhouse NYC is based on the fundamental belief that the most effective way to change positions of poverty is through economic stability first – of both the women served and the greater organization. The organizations in place addressing issues of poverty are already doing amazing work. We are here to enhance these services by creating an empowerment model designed to encourage financial stability and good family health through business strategy, professional development, and community interdependence.
Powerhouse NYC believes that the most valuable resource for individuals experiencing poverty and oppression is restoring trust in the community. If we work with pre-existing services rather than “reinventing the wheel”, we will not only be efficient in leveraging current, important resources, but we will also allow opportunity to engage with the community and recognize it as a source of help. We believe in our urban ecosystem where everyone has something they need and everyone has something to offer. Following this logic model, our participants are never treated as the problem, but instead work with Powerhouse NYC and the community to create solutions.
Powerhouse NYC operates in the arena of social entrepreneurship. Through its fundraising arm, Project Playdate, it is able to almost fund and provide essential resources to serve its own social impact. Social ventures aim to develop sustainable and creative solutions to many of society’s most pressing needs. As social entrepreneurs, we value financial sustainability, scalability and innovation, and a deep commitment to positive social and environmental change.